Just A Girl

She climbed the highest mountain

In the clouds she found her soul

She swam the widest rivers

Found her courage in her goals

She walked the largest forest

Found her heart among the trees

She’s just a girl

Trying to find something to believe

Every night, when she’s all alone

She looks to the stars that she calls home

Her tale is a sad one

Full of longing and despair

But she’s a brave one

Never letting her fear show

She’s just a girl

Trying to start anew

She grieves for what never could be

Away from her broken family

She’s just a lost soul

Fighting for a dream


A/N- While organizing and cleaning out old boxes, I came across this. It was something that I must have written around fifteen years ago, back when I was more into freestyle poetry than writing novels, as I am now. Touched a cord in me, so I decided to post it.


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