Hi there!

So, this is my very first blog post. I’m so happy you’re here, reading this. More than that, I hope you keep coming back. 🙂

The purpose of this blog is primarily to share my writing, although I hope to share some of my photographs as well. Though I’ve been writing in some for another since I was a pre-teen, this past year has been about crafting my first serious attempt at a novel. Not only will I post snippets from that, but also from the other novels I am working on. Every once in a while, I might also post some freestyle poetry.

Writing has always meant a lot to me, a way to work through the doldrums and all the highs and lows life has thrown my way. It’s where I feel most myself. There’s not a lot of ways that I’ll choose to define myself, but a writer is one of them. It took me a while to realize I had a love of words, and it started with reading. Once I became an avid reader, I became an avid writer. My brain views the world through the lens of stories, and everything I see can be inspiration for something.

This is a new road for me, and I hope you’ll bear with me as I figure all this out. We’re all works in progress, as is everything I’ll be sharing here.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read, and I hope you enjoy all the posts to come.

-Laura Parkes


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